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I was at the Apple store yesterday (Cincinnati area) and some dong left one of the computers logged into Facebook.  I took the opportunity to change his relationship status from 'Engaged' to 'Single' and updated his status to say 'tired of her BS…leaving for California ASAP'.


My girlfriend and I are currently on a "break" so naturally I'll be single by the time this gets posted.


Being a red blooded American male I like sports.  I took my ex to a lacrosse game and when the other team (our rivals) came out, everyone (myself included) booed.  She got really quiet and and angry because she was "against booing people" because they worked hard and didn't deserve it.
-Alex, SUNY Brockport

I live with my elderly grandfather, who happens to have a girlfriend. One day I walk into the house and they both immediately jump away from each other and off of the couch, which is a pretty impressive feat for people who can barely walk normally as it is. I ran out of the house sort of screaming and crying. They both insist that nothing was happening and that they were simply in the middle of getting up, but I know that they are lying and that I walked in on my eighty year old grandfather hooking up with his girlfriend.

I moved to another country and I'm currently feeling homesick.  Going out with my girlfriend's friends tonight isn't what I feel like doing today because I know I'll just be a dick from my bad mood.  Instead of asking me "what's wrong" (or anything similar) when I tell her I wasn't feeling good, we had a huge argument about how I don't sacrifice for her.  Mind you: she was a major reason for me moving and changing my life.  Hell, I don't even speak the language.

I love my wife, but she isn't always the sharpest knife in the drawer. One day we were at Bed, Bath and Beyond and we were going to check out and she saw a Pedi-Egg hanging near the cash register for impulse buyers (an egg shaped file to get rid of rough spots on your feet). She then said to me that it was a great idea but why don't they call it a Pedi-File.
-Brian O., USMC

My [now ex] girlfriend is giving up chocolate for Lent, which I thought was odd given that she was eating a brownie when she told me this.  We ended up getting into a 10 minute argument over whether brownies have chocolate in them…

-John, Pitt

My boyfriend and I were babysitting his little sister for the weekend.  To keep her entertained we agreed to watch Babe with her before she went to bed.  Once she fell asleep we decided we would have a little "fun" in his room.  When we were done he said "That'll do pig".  He doesn't understand why I got mad.
-Madelyne NY

I dated a girl who lived 250 miles away.  Long distance relationships suck, but we made it work. I'd drive to visit her every couple of weeks.  Her mom loved me, so sometimes she'd give me gas money.  One time, we were in her room, just fooling around a little.  Things started getting heavy so i took off her shirt and she took off my pants.  Then her mom walked in.  She just said "oh my god," put $50 in gas money on the nightstand, and left the room.  I've never felt so guilty.


Back in highschool, whenever my boyfriend and I wanted to have sex we'd play music on my computer really loud so my parents couldn't hear anything. Usually I would just hit the 'play all' button without even thinking about it. One time when we were midway through some especially passionate "doin it", my computer decides to blast the Pokemon theme song. While the lyrics "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was" seems applicable, it actually resulted in a mad scramble to change the tune before all mood was lost. Now I make "sex playlists.” Which is dorkier?
-A, Canada