Don't you love high school, college better step up its game.

  1. Hey, Your late to class, no problem, i could have totally gotten through that busy hallway in 4 minutes…from all the way across the school. But hey, thanks for the detention. 
  2. OH MY GOD STUDENT PARKING LOT…oh wait, its only for seniors.
  3. That CVS down the street, Starbucks next door and CO-OP across the street are so convenient…If only i could go off-grounds to go to them.
  4. Done for the day at 12? To bad you can't leave till 2:45.
  5. Mom/dads a teacher = Most liked/secretly hated kid in school
  6.  After school detention? Or after school social hour?
  7. Hey, you dating her, thats weird cause she was with josh yesterday…