“Oh no” is your first thought as you glance over at the clock, and then back down to your textbook. Then it strikes like a bowling bowl to pins, and you realize that you will, yet again, be pulling an infamous college all-nighter. College all-nighters are literally more annoying then Paris Hilton saying, “That’s hot” over and over again. They cause severe pain to the brain, and the thought of one makes me cringe. Pulling an all-nighter is often due to poor time-management, and is unnecessary for students to put themselves through, so they must end.

By: Julie Westerbeck 

      Having to finish an important paper or study for a test, results in pulling an all-nighter. An all-nighter is a defining mark on one’s college career. You suddenly realizes that he or she cares way too much not to do the assignment, but has not budgeted the proper time in advance to get it done. Pulling an all-nighter happens to almost every college student each semester. It suddenly becomes a tradition, a little holiday you celebrate with yourself, except this holiday does not involve getting awesome gifts and home-cooked food. No, it involves chugging cups of coffee and junk food just to make it through the physical pain.

      Many students put the blame on the professor for their bloodshot eyes the next day. Yet, they fail to realize that if they would have not have gone out on Friday night, and instead exchanged red cups for books at the library, that maybe the all-nighter they are pulling would not have happened. College students need to manage their time better. Proper studying and a sufficient work ethic will get you through the difficult college process. Pulling all-nighters results in a lack of planning and is not the way to learn how to become successful for future jobs.

      Ironically, by about the time I am finishing writing this paper, the sun is beginning to rise and I can hear the birds chirping outside my window. At least my roommate will enjoy the smell of the freshly brewed coffee I have just made in the coffee pot so that I can get through my day, because I will definitely be waking her up as soon as she hears my paper printing. If only I had an olive branch to wave at her now as a sign of peace. College students should not pull all-nighters because they do not help our future careers. When college students pull these meaningless all-nighters, their grades might be good for that one test, but down the line, the effects of not developing good study skills and proper time management will hurt students.