I'm sorry to say there has been some heart breaking news this week. That's right world's smallest man Ping ping died at the age of 21. Now i can sense that you are crying into your American waffles and you would be right to feel a sudden emotion of pain flood over you. Ping ping may have been a heavy smoker from the age of 7 and i understand this my have stunted his growth and given him that familiar yellow glint yet from this moment onwards i feel like a small part of me has died. I like Ping ping have always been seen as an outsider in life not because of my enormous penis or my bulging pecs but because of my rare rather unattractive skin condition. This as some of the brighter ones amongst you may have noticed is my tribute to Ping ping, a man who i'm sure all of you will agree has been a ray of sunshine in our otherwise pointless, dull, repetitive lives. Ping ping i salute you and in the words of Elton John, it seems to me you lived your life, like a candle in the wind. Ping Ping thanks for all the memories.