Lost my house key one weekend while participating in some activities ie:drunken blackout, taking off shirt, smoking a pack of cigs, drinking more and passing out holding spoons for some reason. There is more to that story like any weekend of debauchery holds but the lost key is the start too this one. So I need to make a key copy to local hardware warehouse megastore, take your pick, and went to the hardware desk where the keys are made. Looking through items on the impulse racks in the area before someone came over to help I spy something special. It is a Hannah Montana house key. Says her name on it, it's a pretty blue color with her smiling face and all sorts of sparkly crap. Idea pops into my head to trade it with ony of my room mates. It takes a few days to get to his keys while they were unattened, but the switch was successfully made by a partner in crime. A few days go by and I hear nothing about this while going through my daily routine. Pranked roommate picks me up from work and we go to his girlfriends to drink some space bag jesus juice. Conversations go on and I finally want to know his reaction to the key so I bring it up. I find out he saw it on the key chain, looked at it and for some reason figured it wasn't a real key. This doesn't make sense to me or any of the other roommates, he didn't even try or think 'Hey my key is gone and there is one here to replace it so it was a prank of some sort, damn thats kinda funny.' Then he begins to berate me about it not being a good a prank and that I should get him a new key because he threw his out the window or some crap. Everyone is against this douchebaggery and tell him that it was slightly funny. He starts listing off his ideas for pranks and most all of them are really malicious stuff that would be painful to people or cause damage to property. He finally says so then if I go and change all your bedding to pink sheets, blankets, pillow cases etc. Everyone in the room says yeah that would be pretty funny actually. Light bulb happens and I knew I was going to spend some cash the next day. The man thought up our next prank for him, we did make one change however. Pink is too plain and since we had made that key for him we thought we should replace it with something in the like. Wal-Mart and $40 later he has new bedroom set of his very own Hannah Montana sheets and pillow cases. He is now thinking of things to get me back with even though I was only the financier to these operations but I'll keep you posted on the happenings.