The Land of Forgotten Fads

There is a place that is reserved for a select group of beings.  These beings once had a meaningful purpose on the planet Earth.  They were all once popular and it seemed that it would be that way until the end of time.  But then all of them were, at some point, forgotten.  The people found something else to spend their time on and these beings were transported to this place.  This place is the Land of Forgotten Fads.

Yu-Gi-Oh is walking around aimlessly, just trying to pass the time, when he spots his old nemesis Magic.

Yu-Gi-Oh:  Well look who it is.  Magic.  So finally become obsolete have you?  It's about time.  Now you now how it feels to be replaced just because something better comes along.

Magic:  Now is not the time Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm still in shock on how quickly my luck changed.  One minute kids are rushing into stores to buy my new variety pack, and the next I'm sitting in a cardboard box with "$1 each" written on the side.

Yu-Gi-Oh (laughing):  You think thats bad?  My cards have been $2 each or four for $5.  It only gets worse from here, newbie.

A grizzled old fad walks slowly up to the arguing fads.  He has a slow deliberate stride but he has a certain gleam in his eye.  At the sight of him the two young fads fall silent, respectful to approaching legend.

Old Fad:  What are you two arguing about?  You kids have no respect for the other people here, you're disturbing the peace!

Yu-Gi-Oh:  We're very sorry Mr. Super-Nintendo.  It's just that this is the fad that replaced me, and now that he's here I can't help but gloat.

Super-Nintendo:  Hell, you can't let you're past feelings effect your behavior here.  Do you see me arguing and yelling at N64?  No!  Even though he took all of my famous characters and just reinvented them to become famous, even though he did that I don't hold a grudge against him.  Do you know why?  Because he was replaced too, so now we're no better than one another.

The Old man walks away in a huff, his mood is ruined.  The two younger fads feel terrible, but then they notice another fad had heard the commotion and had started to walk over.  He has his hat backwards and walks with a certain swagger that suggests he is too cool for this place.  The two other fads groan, this is the one person they don't want to talk to.

Magic:  What do you want Pokemon? 

Pokemon:  Oh hey dudes, I didn't know that you two clowns had become obsolete like the rest of these losers here.

Yu-Gi-Oh:  You are obsolete too, Pokemon!

Pokemon:  Me being here is just one big misunderstanding.  I still have a T.V. show and a great game series.

Magic:  Your show sucks and you know it.  And people only play your games when they have nothing else to do!  And no one trades your cards anymore, after you started to redistribute cards with just a different color, people just stopped bothering.

Pokemon:  You guys are wrong, I'm having a comeback.  Sooner or later I'll be out of here and back on the front displays of hobby stores where I belong!

Pokemon walks away, his swagger gone as he tries to deny his obsoleteness.  Suddenly another fad comes along, running into Magic and knocking him down.

Magic:  What the hell?  Beyblades what do you want?

Beyblades:  Hey, you guys want to battle?  I gotta ton of energy that I don't know what to do with!

Yu-Gi-Oh:  Get out of here Beyblades!  You stopped being fun years ago!

Beyblades walks away slowly, but before he is out of sight he manages to knock over a few other fads who just happened to be in his way.

Magic:  I hate this place.