It is the very first celebration of Easter. The 11 apostles Eagerly sitting around their desktop computer in their den in Jerusalem

St. Peter: Ummm okay guys so Jesus sent us some very clear instructions. He said that three days after he died he would appear to us and clarify what we’re supposed to do now

St. Mark: So…if we’re waiting for Jesus to show up why are we all huddled around a computer and on this website called: “Chatroulette”?

St. Peter: Oh…um… know you never know where Jesus might show up so I figured we should probably start here and I mean even if he doesn’t maybe we could try and convert some of these people…

St. Luke: Wait a minute Peter isn’t this that site where you get a random video chat person and the majority of people are guys beatin’ it and trying to see boobs?

St. Peter: Well…I…mean…

St. Michael: I think what Peter is trying to say is that just because that might be the majority doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t at least see what all the hype is about. I mean Jesus spent his time with the derelicts of society so really we should be trying to see as many boobs as possible…

St. Peter: well said Mike so lets get started. (The other chat screen is blank. Suddenly a video appears of a middle aged man wearing crazy glasses) Oh hello there my good sir! I am Peter. You wouldn’t by any chance have Jesus with you would you?     

St. Matthew: Or some boobs…I mean if you don’t have Jesus of course…just wondering…

(Man on screen writes "Lame" and the screen turns black)

St. John: What just happened? He just ended out chat what the hell! What a douche!

St. Peter: Do not worry my brother that’s the beauty of Chatroulette we get another video. Do not worry maybe this one will be our savior!

St. Matthew: Or boobs…just saying…

(Screen opens and it is a guy in a costume dancing to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face)

St. John: Oh no I’ve heard about this guy. He just dances to her songs. No boobs here we should probably just leav…..

(Mark turns and addresses the Apostles)

St. Mark: No listen John this is not all about seeing a woman’s chest. We went on this website to try and run into Jesus not just to see nudity. Oh and look now the singing man left all thanks to our arguing….(The screen turns black and then opens to show another Apostle sitting) Oh look my brothers it is a fellow Apostle Thomas! Why look he even has a sign maybe he is trying to communica…..

St Luke: Nope his sign just says, “Show Your Boobs” and I’m pretty sure that he’s not wearing pants.

St. Mark: Seriously! Thomas you said that you couldn’t be here because you had to help your friend move not because you wanted to beat off to boobs on Chatroulette. Just you wait until Jesus shows up….

(Suddenly the screen changes to the next chat of a female topless)

St. Mark: Oh my God oh my God look at that!

St. Michael: Oh finally sweet boobs! Brothers let us “wash our feet” if you catch my drift.

St. Matthew: This site is even better than the second coming of Christ…oh my God there are two of them now and they’re making out.

(All of the Apostles collectively drool. All of the sudden the door opens and Jesus appears)

Jesus: I said I would arrive on Easter and I di……Aw c’mon guys! Seriously you couldn’t wait until after I ascended to beat it to Chatroulette!

St. Mark: Oh my Lord! Forgive us…we….we were just trying to look for possible converts on this website…I…I don’t even know how this got here….OH my God there are four of them now!

Jesus: Holy Chatroulette! Move aside Ladies I didn’t multiply all the fish and bread to get the worst view of these sweet boobs!

And so the tradition of Easter was birthed that night in Jerusalem!