Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, submit it here!

And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I was texting my dad while I was driving and I went to an out of service area. When I got out of it, there was a text from my dad saying, "Can you hear me now?"
Jake S

I was at school working on a particularly difficult programming assignment a couple of days ago when I decided to change my Facebook status to "I hate C++!!" About an hour or so later I got a text message from my mom saying, "I'm not happy with your grades. We'll discuss it when you get home."
Anthony D, Concordia University

I just talked to my grandma while she was using my dad's cell phone. She said not to hang up if I can't hear her because she doesn't know how to use "one of these little computers."
Pete Eps

My mom has a Facebook account and instead of just logging out every time she leaves the computer, she deactivates the entire account, and checks the box marked "This is only temporary, I'll be back."
Stephanie D, Cal Poly Pomona

I'm studying abroad this semester and I communicate with my parents via Skype. Every time I talk to my mom she asks me if I know how to fix her screen so it doesn't look like she is always looking down.
Sarah D, South Carolina

My grandmother likes all of the outlets in her house to have something plugged into them because she thinks they can leak electricity.
Ivan G

My family lives near a town called Farmville. Recently, one of my mom's friends got a request on Facebook for four nails and a harness on Farmville (the game). She emailed the friend a few hours later saying she found the nails in her garage but would have to ask around about a harness.
Brooks Hardy, Hollins University

My dad decided he would buy the computer parts I wanted for my birthday as a gift. The website I sent him did not have a telephone number. He asked me, "How am I supposed to order anything off this online catalog?"
A. Scales

When my mom finishes watching a show on DVR, she fast forwards to the end so she can delete it. She doesn't know she can just hit the stop button.
Kevin L, University of Illinois

My mom calls the keypad on her phone the "typewriter."
Megan K

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