The best is always saved for last. Not just saved, but guarded. Packaged in a neat little story and put on a high up shelf…or in a file on a computer….and password protected so that only a few network executives can have access to it.

Then, "The Best- is kept there for weeks until it is finally unveiled, in 43 minute increments, like a slow morphine drip that almost tortures you as it gets you more addicted.

And we are savoring every single moment.


Here's what went down this week, in a walk-in freezer:

In Plane Dimension, Jin and Sun are unmarried. When the TSA confiscates the money that Jin was carrying for Sun's father, Martin Keamy (and others, including Mr. Eyepatch!) comes after them. Keamy puts Jin in a freezer, where Sayid sets him free, and Jin eventually kills Eyepatch. Sun is shot, and she's pregnant! On the island, Locke/MIB is trying to gather what's left of the candidates so he can get off the island. He goes to the beach to try to convince Sun that he'll bring her to Jin, but she runs, hits her head, and now she only speaks Korean. Ilana is on the beach, trying to assure Sun, Miles, Frank, Hurley, Jack, and Ben that Richard's coming back. He does eventually, and he tells them they need to destroy the plane on Hydra Island so MIB cannot leave. MIB goes to confront Widmore on Hydra island. Meanwhile, Tina Fey and Chip from Kate and Allie kidnap Jin with some Indiana Jones style tranquilizer darts. Widmore shows Jin photos of his daughter, and tells him that if they don't stop Locke/MIB (aka Mocke*), the whole world will "cease to exist.- Oh, and guess who they were holding on the sub? Um, DESMOND!

Here's what we learn:

1. The money that Jin was carrying on behalf of Sun's father was actually a payment to Martin for killing Jin!

2. How psyched was I to see a Sun and Jin episode? I thought for sure they'd be reunited by now!!
3. Cute Asian baby + adoring dad moment = tears for Becker.
4. Desmond is "the package!- I mean, I'd like to SEE his package. Hey-YO!
5. * I cannot take credit for the nickname "Mocke.- I read it online somewhere. But I LOVE it!
6. Sawyer told Jin about the names in the cave, and Widmore.
7. Sayid doesn't feel anything. He's totally infected!
8. Sun gets cranky when she's away from Jin for too long.
9. In our first dimension, Sun was going to run away from her whole life, including Jin. Here, she wants to run away WITH Jin.
10. Tina Fey is a geophysicist. HOT. She wants to know about the pockets of electromagnetism on the island. Jin signed off on a map of them in the Dharma days.
11. Any preview with bagpipes, and I'm in!
12. Martin Keamy is one scary motherfucker.
13. Mocke is turning Claire against Kate. He tells her that they need Kate now, but afterwards, "Whatever happens, happens.-
14. Mocke gets Sayid to check out the situation in the sub. Sayid's pretty much a robot at this point.
15. A wiseman once said that a war is coming to this island. I think it just got here.