You skipped a voluntary workout today, continuing a long personal history of missing workouts. Those close to you admit they are worried that you aren't truly dedicated, and feel you will be out of shape and susceptible to injury down the road.

"I don't want to make more of it than it is,- said your girlfriend. "But after our recent breakup, I thought he would be doing everything to really keep up appearances. Then the first opportunity he has, he skips a workout to – what? Who knows. Play PlayStation?-

Your boss stressed that the workout was voluntary.

"Would it have been great had he done it? Absolutely,- he said. "But it was a voluntary workout. His girlfriend can't make him go. I can't make him go. And, to his credit, he has for the five years he's worked here, kept himself in good enough shape to do his job and not die. As soon as that changes – or as soon as he's abusing our health care plan with treatment for various fatty ailments – that's when it becomes more serious and something to worry about.-

Despite your no-show, almost all of your friends went to the gym for a workout today.

"I wish he had been here,- said your best friend. "It's not a big deal. But it's just something he should do to build camaraderie and show he's one of us. We don't want to be here any more than he does. But he should be here suffering along with us. That's what you do when you're part of a team.