So the Fat Cats up at Flip Video didn’t appreciate my new ideas for their new commercial campaign. Let's see how you guys feel!

Mom and Dad!

(A young and hip urban professional walks down the streets of NYC and talks to the camera while holding a sweet new black Flip Video camera!)

Son: So I bought my mom and dad this new flip video for their 20 wedding anniversary!  It’s got a great easy to use interface! Even my old parents can use it with no trouble!

(Son walks into his lame parents house! Boiiiinnng! Both parents are standing in an empty living room)

Son: Oh hey mom, hey dad! Who is ready for the best 20 wedding anniversary ever! I sure am because I got you this new flip vid…

Mom: Honey we aren’t really having a party. (She pauses and looks down nervously at the ground, then back at her Husband) We brought you here to tell you that your father and I are getting a divorce.

Dad: Also I have cancer.

Son: Wait…what! Turn off the camera!

(The screen fades to black and reveals the awesome new logo for Flip Video!)

Flip Video! Flip your life!

Homework Assignment:

(Rachel and Jessica are two young and vibrant High School Juniors. They are sitting on Rachel's floor working on a project for history class)

Rachel: Aww man Jessica how are we ever going to finish this video report on the Civil war in time. We have to shoot it AND edit it!

Jessica: I know I only wish we had something that could do that…(Jessica thinks to herself for a second and then jumps up in excitement over what she has just remembered) Wait a minute I know! My brother got a new Flip Video! It shoots in HD and it even comes with editing software pre-loaded on it!

Rachel: (Skeptical) That’s great but what about all the cables we’re going to’ have to use. I mean I’m no techie that’s for sure!

Jessica: Don’t worry Flip Video has a USB that flips right out of the top so we can connect it to our computers.

Rachel: Oh wow what can’t Flip do!

(Jessica's Phone begins to ring. She picks it up happily)

Jessica: Oh hey one sec Rach I’m getting a phone call. Maybe its mark!

(Indistinct phone chatter)

Rachel: Man this Flip is so easy well be done in no time and be ready for our dates tonight! (Jessica hangs up the phone silently. The once vibrant teen is now pale face and quiet) Jess what did Mark Say?

Jessica: That wasn’t Mark….that was my doctor…oh my God I’m pregnant. Oh my God! My life is fucking over what am I going to do!

Rachel: Uh…well you could record the birth on the Flip video…

(The screen fades to black and reveals the awesome new logo for Flip Video!)

Flip Video! It’s as easy as 1, 2, Flip!

College Party!

(Two College Sophomores, Ted and Steve, sit on their futon couch in their dorm. Both are cool looking College Kids and definitely the type who would use Flip Video!)

Ted: Hey dude I cant wait to go out tonight to that sweet kegger. I just wish we had something to video tape all the crazy shenanigans we are gonna get into

Steve: Dude don’t worry I just bought the new Flip video!

(Steve takes out the small, yet complex Flip Video! Ted is amazed that Steve could fit what looks to be such a trendy and easy to use video camera in his cargo shorts!)

Ted: Awesome dude! That flip video is so small that no one will notice and even has a nifty little arm band so we cant lose it!

Steve: Yea man I love Flip!

(Tom rushes into their dorm room. He is pale and looks scared/queasy)

Tom: Guys come quick! Something just happened!

(Steve takes the opportunity to turn and look at the camera, taking out his Flip Video for the viewer to see)

Steve: Oh man better bring our new ultra sheik Flip Video!

Tom: Adam hung himself after he found out he didn’t get into law school

(All three boys remain quiet as the initial shock sets in. Ted regains composure and begins to cry)

Ted: Wait..What! Turn off the camera!

(The screen fades to black and reveals the awesome new logo for Flip Video!)

Flip Video! Its Flippin’ Awesome!