WHEATON, ILLINOISKilling time in his parents' computer room last Thursday evening, Trevor Paskin, 15, achieved what some call the ultimate goal of Web 2.0, becoming the first person to comment on a Huffington Post item about U.S. President Barack Obama's shoes.

"F1rst!!!" he exclaimed, cleverly changing the letter "i" to the number "1" so as to appear more cyber-savvy. Paskin, who commented under his Internet moniker "TrevYrEnginez08," was both surprised and humbled by his accomplishment.

"Two weeks ago, I thought I was the first person to comment on a slideshow about fruit shaped like genitalia, but it turns out my browser's just really gay and I was actually third," Paskin said. "It sucked. I was worried about that happening again, but I guess I got lucky." 

Asked why he felt compelled to leave such a comment in the first place, Paskin, who expressed a desire to someday work with "computers and shit," explained that he was simply the latest in a long line of proudly prompt participants in the delicate art of commenting. "My brother told me it was fucking stupid to leave a 'first' comment, but I think he's still mad that I used one of his tee shirts as a happy rag a couple days ago," Paskin said. 

Shortly after Paskin posted his now-famous comment, several other readers of the same article responded with uniform disdain. Reactions ranged from the mild ("Go suck a pierced dick") to the exasperated ("Sigh. Wtf happened to this site?") Nonetheless, Paskin's parents remain supportive.

"I don't know what that is," father Randall Paskin replied when asked about his son's achievement on The Huffington Post. "But whatever keeps him occupied for more than ten minutes is fine with me.

While proud of his accomplishment, Trevor, a freshman in high school whom peers described as "kind of a loner," said he would not attempt to repeat his success.

"I don't know, when am I gonna find a new post that quickly again?" Paskin asked. "Besides, I've got other things to do. Like tonight I'm gonna watch a stranger cover a Killers song on YouTube and then tell the guy what a loser he is in the comments."