1. The Perfect Class-

You need a change of pants everytime you walk in the door to your perfect class. As you place your backpack down on your desk, you quickly turn to your friends (who sit next to you all year long) and talk about the new South Park that was on last night. Hilarious. The teacher, who you older brother told you is awesome, tells the class to be quiet, then starts talking about the great youtube video he or she (ah, who am I kidding, it's a he.) saw last night. The class pressures him/her (him) to show you the video on the projecter connected to his computer. Hesitantly, he gives in. Class is delayed about ten minutes waiting for the teacher to find out what's wrong with the malfuntioning speakers. In the meantime, you slyly check out all the girls sitting around you. All of them you would do. Especially the one with the perfect body and the thong sticking out who sits right in front of you. Thank god for assigned seating. The teacher finally fixes the speakers (they were unplugged). You lose another five minutes of class watching the pointless video that wasn't really great in the first place. Sure, the information you lost in those fifteen minutes could make or break your college acceptance, but did Gengkis Khan ever nail his brother in the face with a guitar by accident? No? That's what I thought. F*ck him. The icing on the cake of this class is the fact you haven't done any work in five months, but somehow know your material enough to get a A-/B+. If there are classes like this in college, you're set for life. But all great things must come to an end, with every uphill a downhill, you leave the room, traverse the hallway, and step into…


2. The Worst F*cking Class Ever

As you walk into the room, you quickly look around for sharp things to cut yourself with. Nothing. You look for your desk, which the teacher always has his spare papers on your desk from last class. You awkwardly stare to the front of the room, with the entire class conversing but no friends of yours to talk to. You look a little like the slow kid in class who doesn't know he's slow. The class is starting, the teacher walks in from the hall, fresh from making out with the married auto teacher. Do her kids know shes a whore? The class starts off on a bad note. Being that no one in the class did the homework. She begins to yell at the class for not 'showing initiative' and that you won't get anywhere with that type of attitude. The biggest example of this is yeliing at you right now. This woman becoming a teacher is like Stephen Hawking becoming a soccer player, why take a job doing something that you just can't do? Her tirade dies down, and she eventually starts hitting on the kid behind you.