What you think: I don’t need a fancy drink to have a good time.

What others think: I have no job and beer is the cheapest thing I can buy here. 




What you think: I have a sophisticated pallet and can appreciate the subtle flavors in this merlot. 


What others think: Hard alcohol us too strong for me and I want people to think I have money so beer isn’t expensive enough. 




What you think: I like a fun colorful drink with a cool spiral of fruit peel. 


What others think: I can’t wait for Sex and the City 2. I wish I could hang out with Carrie or Samantha just once, I could totally be the fifth friend. 




What you think: I’m cool like James Bond. 


What others think: I watched Casino Royal last night and memorized all the ingredients he lists in the movie. I hope I can trick a girl in here with my fake accent. 




What you think: Why would I pay for alcohol when I can make my own out of a few ingredients in my bathtub. 

What others think: I would probably drink battery acid or urine if it was the only thing I could find and it would give me a buzz.