The only thing better than hearing an amazing song which becomes your next “repeat” track for the next three weeks, is taking the time to research and get to know the words behind the beats.

The lyrics in Sean Kingston’s latest single with Justin Bieber, Einee Menee is nothing short of sheer brilliance. In fact, one must look no further than the first two lines to start seeing intelligence at its best:

She’s indecisive

She can’t decide

Realizing that the word ‘indecisive’ is a 5th grade word, and as to not alienate millions of pre-4th graders, Sean allocates an entire phrase to define the first line.

Not only does listening to the song give anyone another catchy beat to hum, but it becomes an educational lesson in vocabulary for students around the world. In a day and age filled with mindless video games and TV shows for today’s kids, this artist is doing something really good. Sean Kingston should be commended for these admirable actions and I hope the U.S. Secretary of Education is taking note.

Another new song that accomplishes literary wonders is Young Money's latest hit. The track Bed Rock is a dream come true for every 10th Grade Language Arts teacher in America with the wide usage of various styles.

But I Keep Her Running Back And Forth Like A Soccer Team

Beautiful simile.

Cold As A Winter Day,

Hot As A Summer's Eve,

Someone’s been reading a bit too much Shakespeare, Young Money? He even discretely sneaks in a semi-alliteration:

I'm Attracted To Her, For Her Attractive Ass

There might not be any other lines in the track with more depth than when he sings:

I hate to see her go,

But I love to see her leave

He hates to see her (go: Move or Travel). And he loves to see her (leave: Go away from a place). One can only decipher that he likes when she departs from his house but he doesn't like when she travels from house to house. Even this interpretation, however can be open for discussion.

I Love Ya Sushi Roll, Hotter Than Wasabi

This might be where the constructive critic in me comes out…He's essentially saying that your sushi roll is hotter than wasabi. But a sushi roll isn’t usually hot, and wasabi, if anything complements sushi. Instead he should have written something more along the lines of:

I Love Ya Chicken Parm, Hotter Than Lasagna

While every line can't be perfect, both these artists have demonstrated a new level of responsibility to America's youth and set a new precedent for the hip hop genre. Classrooms across the country should tuck away their torn copies of MacBeth, and look no further than the songs playing on their local radio station.