1.  The Grammy's are boring.

2.  Tony Bennett is still alive.

3.  CBS has no shame promoting their own shows (David Spade presenting a Grammy?  Really?)  For the record, we would never do that.

4.  Red spandex pant suits are BACK.

5.  If you want to win Song of the Year, all you have to do is insult the president, make a public apology, and then say 'SIKE!' through a heartfelt ballad.

6.  The only part of 'Roxanne' anybody knows is the chorus.

7.  Smokey Robinson, I'm 96% sure, has been possessed by the devil.

8.  If Al Gore had done half the stuff he's doing now during the actual presidential race, he would have won.

9.  The Grammy's might, JUST MIGHT, have been sponsored by Chevy.

10.  Cee Lo from Gnarls Barkley could fit my entire head in his mouth.