On March 22nd, CollegeHumor is releasing its second book: "Faking It: How to Seem Like a Better Person Without Actually Improving Yourself."

Simply put, this book is 288 hardcover bound pages of shortcuts to everything you need to know to seem like a well read sophisticated individual without actually becoming one.

Tips on how to trick people into thinking you are well versed in classical literature by memorizing obscure titles of famous authors. A brief two page history of art that includes everything you would need to know on a museum date. Manners that most girls expect you to know but you had no idea existed. The quickest ways to get $100. Jobs that make lots of money but require no education. And so on. They're all here.

This book spans all facets of life, from school to working life to sports to arts, culture, and ultimately dating.

These tips, while sacred, will be in bookstores everywhere on March 22nd, but for the time being you can pre-order yours from Amazon right now for less than $14. Not a bad price to pay for completely transforming yourself into a sophisticated, impressive human being.

Oh, and don't worry, it's got funny illustrations, too!