In a poorly lit studio apartment, above some urban convenient store a scarcely attended meeting commences…
A large banner above the door reads “Helping Utensils Accept Uselessness”

Group Leader begins: Alright Alright, settle down. I hope everyone enjoyed the queso dip….*ahem
Hello everyone I'm Abacus, yes THE Abacus. I started this group to help and support educational assistance devices and learning mechanisms alike, cope with, for lack of a better phrase, becoming obsolete. For a long time I, myself struggled with identity. Who was I if I no longer count the worlds youth with Arithmetic and…

Chalkboard interrupts: Ha! No one calls it Arithmetic anymore. I should know.

Abacus: Okay chalkboard we’ll get to you soon enough, as I was saying…

Overhead Projector: No, let him finish. He would know. We were there together, in the front lines. All the students used to take notes off him and then I’d come in with the heavy artillery. We were a supreme duo. And how do they thank us, with neglect!

A: I understand how you feel; we’ve all been there.

#2 Pencil: Really? Have you? Because I don’t think you have, you old fart. Pen and I were happily married for years. Then going through his mid life crisis, he traded me in for a new model, a… lead pencil. How dare he? That bastard is older than I am! I was there when he still went by Quill. And her, Taking off her eraser and refilling every time he’d come around. How was I supposed to compete? Guess I should’ve seen it coming.

Solar Powered calculator holds #2”s hand. Her sniffling resonates in the room’s still silence.

A: ah… ok guys lets dial it back some. How about we play a game?

Floppy Disk: I’ll start.
He says in a deep raspy voice, emerging from a dark corner of the room.

A: I …err. haven’t told you the game yet.

FD: See none of that matters anymore. We’re all just here to float about life and find our own self worth. We’re special in our own way. If I can forgive Zip drive for stabbing me in the back than you should forgive Pen, #2 and Chalkboard let go of your bitterness towards Smart board. We have all impacted the world in some way and because of that we can stand proud.

…*Suddenly Mac Book Pro stumbles into the room …. Looks around…
MBP: wait a minute. Haaaaaaaaaa! Zip told me to meet him here for iPads housewarming party. He got me again. That guy!

FD: … *sigh