1. The Status Change: January 31.

Most people wait a while to take this important step. However, these two were so proud that they had found someone that truly 'gets' them (AKA date them), they needed the world to know that someone out there loves them deeply.

2. The Profile Picture: February 2.

Oh look, they're kissing. Such an original choice in photography not only displays their undying love, but also shows their new found expertise.

3. The Sweet Nothings: February 2.

It's sweet because instead of doing this in private, their love is shown to the entire world.

4. The straight up L bomb: February 4.

No messing about here or casually dropping it into a sentence. She's said it right off the bat, marking her territory clearly.

5. The Betrayal: February 6.

Life changing event….must…send to facebook…

6. The Status Change: February 6.

Because as we all know, it isn't official unless it's 'facebook official'.

7. The Catty Female Response That Wasn't Thought Out: February 6.

Filled with spelling errors and claims that "I'm over you!", what break up would be complete without the girl being "better off"? I suppose the smelling pretty part sounded good in her head…

Total Relationship: 7 DAYS.

I swear, it's reasons like this that I go on facebook.

The More You Know.