When you like someone it’s hard to realize that our image of happily ever after will never happen.  Sometimes we will overlook damn near ANYTHING to fit our fantasy of a possible relationship.  These are 5 signals that I feel really represent “He’s just not that into you”.

  1. He still hasn’t called you back after you slept together last year.  He flirts with you on occasion but only seems to socialize with you when he’s drunk.
  2. He announces to everyone in the bar that you have “Fucked” and uses it to a pick up another girl.
  3. He introduces you to all his friends as “My booty call”.
  4. At a party he has your friend pushed up against the wall and is “making out” with her, but the image looks more like he’s fucking the shit out of her.  Wait, is that a skirt she’s wearing? Oh no she’s pulling a Britney and gone commando.  This is not going to end well…
  5. He’s started the night making out with your close friend.  Later in the evening you walk in on him making out with your gay friend only to watch him be lead into the mens bathroom.  On returning home you hear a knock on your door with him standing outside telling you “he thought about you all night”