After stumbling out of the dorms I couldn't find my car anywhere, ohh thats right I didnt drive (good thing) tied my kicks up tight and put on that walking face. I decided that sprinting would get me home faster, running while drunk should be against the law and is dangerous for your health. I came across what looked to be the bomb squad at the OCC parking lot and decided to record them. After saying slanderous words about cops and pigs a spot light was shined on me ( I guess i looked suspicious) so, I took off like a fucking gazelle. The lacrosse field at 8 am looks very inviting so I attempted climbing the fence, however climbing a fence requires some upper body strength and proper footing (and at that physical state i had neither) and good thing seeing how the cops were there. (more slanderous words about cops and pigs) I finally got back to the meadows but whats an adventure with out checking out the pond located in front of the complex. After enjoying nature at its finest i had one more creek to cross (literally). The saying "size doesn't matter" is bullshit because this stream looked easily jumpable. ( the trick to jumping streams is that it requires lower body strength and proper footing and at that physical state i had neither) But, that didnt stop me my friend because il be damned if im walking around that baby sized stream. As soon as my feet left the ground i knew i was doomed. Thats right my ass didnt make it to the other side and now im soaking wet. Again I cursed cops and pigs and walked into my place with anything but a smile on my face. Today I feel bad for the words i said about pigs, there just a farm animal and have done nothing to harm me, Im making hotdogs for dinner in their honor.