We are down to sixteen contestants ladies and gentlemen, but I’m using those terms very loosely. Because if your reading this column you’re probably not very ladylike or gentlemanly. We had a lot of exciting matchups in the first two rounds and it is no different in the sweet sixteen. Hopefully, this years contest doesn't end in controversy like lasts years historic tie. No more nonsense, let’s get started.


North Bracket: In the north region, we have the much anticipated battle of the Laurens. Both Laurens annihilated their competition in the first two rounds with nearly 75% of the vote totals. I’ll stick to my original prediction that Lauren L from Purdue will win the region but she has a tough road ahead of her. But who will she face? My money is now on Allison, the beauty from Wisconsin-Milwaukee. If this happens it will be the third straight year that UW-M has a competitor making it to the Elite Eight. But in the end I imagine Lauren earn a position in the final four.



West Bracket: Two words. Bracket. Buster. A surprise result took away any chance for me to win the prediction contest. Cina went down in a close 54-46 percent contest to Crystal. And I’m sure its not the last time she goes down. Crystal will now go on to face Kaci aka “Kacitini”. And, yes, we all wanted to know. After Rachel destroyed her beautiful second round matchup its safe to say she will be facing Kaci for a chance to make the final four. In a battle of Okahoma’s finest, I’m guessing that Rachel will barely defeat Kaci to join the final four.



South Bracket: The South has the toughest competition left in the tournament. There are four gorgeous ladies that have a legit shot to win the entire competition. Rebecca vs. Nikki will be a very close contest because each girl is absolutely stunning. Kristen S. from South Florida is by far the prettiest girl in the whole competition. In the first round she accumulated an astounding 89% of the vote total against the very pretty Katelynn. I originally predicted Rebecca to win this region so I’ll stay with my original prediction that the blonde bias will allow Rebecca to defeat Kristen.



East Bracket: Brunette’s have taken over the East region. Four girls remain and they are all beautiful brunettes. The most dominating contestant thus far has been Megan from Drexel. And Ashley has drawn the tough task of facing Megan in a sweet sixteen matchup. I expect the winner of this matchup to win the region. Kayla’s gallery is a fantastic mix of model photos with a bunch of bikini pictures. Judging from the rest of the tournament, that is definitely the formula for success. In the end, even though Ashley Y is in a desperate need for a better camera I still think she goes to the Final Four.



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