(Mega Man walks into Dr. Light’s office in the year 200X)

Mega Men: Hey Dr. Light I was kind of wondering…I was with Tim and some of the other kids and…well who is my mom? I mean they all have moms…

Dr. Light: Oh…ummm well you see Mega you don’t exactly have one…

Mega Men: What…what do you mean I don’t have a mother? I mean im a man..how did do you get made without a mother

Dr. Light: Well you see back many years ago my partner and I, Dr. Wily created you and your sister Roll as helper robots

Mega Man: Wait a minute so you mean I have two dads?

Dr. Light: No no no just listen. Wily was my lab assistant and while working together we created worker bots that would help out with many industries.

Mega Man: Snore.

Dr. Light: Then he went all crazy and reprogrammed them and I took it upon myself to turn you into a fighting robot.

Mega Man: Oh so I had two dads…and then I lost one? So if I was just created does that mean Roll really isn’t my sister? Because she was looking kind of nice the other day and if not….

Dr. Light: Ewwwwww Mega Man how could you even think that!

Mega Man: I don’t know you created my moral code. How could You even think of that!

Dr. Light: Look full disclosure before Willy went all crazy we were going to make you a sex-bot.

Mega Man: Awww man what! Why would you do that? You are a sick old man Dr. Light!

Dr. Light: Look we tried it with your dog, Rush, first. He will lick peanut butter off of anything. ANYTHING.

Mega Man: Okay well this has been extremely gross Dr. Light. Are there any other secrets you’d care to tell me while I am here?

Dr. Light: Well as a matter of a fact I do. Do you remember Proto Man?

Mega Man: Yeah that douche-bag with a shield that kind of looks like me. What about him?

Dr. Light: Well he’s kind of your brother. He was a prototype Wily and I were working on and then he rejected the programming and escaped and yadda yadda you know the rest.

Mega Man: Well I think I know why he escaped you perv he probably didn’t want to be used as your sex bot slave.

Dr. Light: Listen young robo-man I am a doctor and I have one 4 Nobel prizes. Is it really my fault that chicks don’t go for guys who build their own robots? No. So I had to be creative. You would do the same thing if you were in my place. In fact I know that’s true because I programmed you.

(Suddenly the computer flashes an emergency alert. Wily has struck again!)

Dr. Light: Oh no Mega Man the computer just sent out an alert! Apparently Wood Man is attacking the city. Here let me install this lotion dispenser on your cannon to better defeat him!

Mega Man: Awww ewwwwww man I really wish I didn’t understand what you were talking about right now.

(After Mega Man runs out with Rush to defeat Wood Man Dr. Light picks up the lab phone and calls Dr. Wily)

Dr. Light: Wily? Yeah it’s me Light. Yeah they are going to fight. Want to come with me so we can watch the action.

(Hangs up the phone)

Dr. Light: Roll where are you? Papa needs a back rub

Roll: I wish I was programed to feel uncomfortable.