Andrew is picking up Ryan for work. They work in a department store.

Ryan: Hey man, thanks for picking me up.

Andrew: Yeah, no problem.

Ryan: I see you got a new GPS?

Andrew: Yeah, it's awesome, check it out.

Ultra-manly-sounding computer voice: Reverse and make a left here.

Andrew:  Pretty sweet huh?

Ryan: Why did you choose the most manly sounding voice?

Andrew: I dunno… it's just the default.

Ryan: Change it to the girl voice, it sounds better (starts to change the voice option.)

Andrew: No don't!

Ryan: Why the fuck not?

Andrew: Because….

Ryan:  Because why?

Andrew: …Because Julie thought it sounded too feminine.

Ryan: Isn't that the point?

Andrew: Yeah… well.

Ryan: Don't tell me she got jealous?

(Andrew looks over at Ryan and pauses) 

Ryan: Wow, you've got to be fucking kidding me.

Andrew: It's really no big deal.

Ryan: Yeah, just the fact that you're dating a girl who has more balls in the relationship than you is no big deal.

Andrew: Hey fuck you, she just doesn't like me talking to other women.

Ryan: Other women!? It's a fucking computer for Christ sake! What are you gonna do? Fuck your exhaust pipe till it starts leaking brake fuel all over the place?

Andrew: You know what man, I don't even have to drive you. I could say "get the fuck out of my car" and you'd have to walk. Not just today, everyday.

Ryan: Dude, if you don't have the balls to talk with an electronic woman behind your girlfriends back, I doubt you have the balls to throw me out of your car.

(Andrew opens Ryan's door)

Andrew: Get out.

(Ryan stays where he is, smiling at Andrew because they both know that he isn't going to move)

Andrew: (Shuts the door) Fuck you.

Ryan: Hahaha. Take me to work.

Andrew: (Starts to drive) We're not talking on the way over.

Ryan: Thats okay, you can ask you guy here where the nearest drug store is so you can fill up on tampons.

Andrew: I said fuck you.

Ryan: And maybe a vibrator too.