This tall handsome fellow frequents the local links, often far drunker then he ought to be.  No ones ever seen him with a club in his hand, he’s usually sporting a beer.  The Local Drunk golf fan is a huge PGA tour fan and fancies himself a pro in his own mind..  He’s never been to a pro event, instead he cheers for his home town peers at the pitch and put.  He’s: loud, annoying, obnoxious, rude, Embarrassing and enthusiastic.  Some of his catch phrases include: “GET IN THE MAH FUCKING HOLE”, “ FURYK GETTING ERR DONE’ (everyone is referred to as Furyk), “WHAT A DRIVE’ and “OH BABY’.  He wears a white Titlelist visor, Plaid shorts tied at the cuffs and a black golf shirt.  He’ll be there when you least expect it.