Imagine a herd of cows. 

Better yet, imagine a herd of dairy cows.  They slowly roam about, with no aim or reason to their wanderings, for all of their food is only steps away.  Yet, they seem unaware that they are walking in their own muck, unaware that they are in fact committing an act that is considered repulsive.  They mosey along, all the while eating, pooping, and starting the irrevocable cycle that accompanies a life of repetitious behavior once again. 

People are like these cows.  Yes, eating and pooping are inevitable, but just like cows, people walk excruciatingly slow, often with absent-minded intentions.  They gather in packs, making impenetrable straight lines and constantly unpredictable formations that suddenly stop and make it nearly impossible to pass or maneuver around.

Although I hate to admit it, I have not always been such a strong advocate for reasonably paced walking.  I myself have found myself fall in the trap of apathetic meandering, especially prior to my coming to the crowded halls of Arizona State University.  I would find myself shuffling my light feet and carousing with a group of friends right in the middle of the influx of people with no care in the world.  But now, now I see the errors of my ways.

At Arizona State University, it is every man and woman for themself.  I am not referring to the suicidal long boarders or even to the merciless bicyclists that prowl and clog up the crowded ASU sidewalks; I am speaking of the careless pedestrians.  Those of you (I would say us but I no longer fall into this bothersome habit and tendency) that walk apathetically with no thought to your surroundings, in which you make strange formations for no other reason than you can, I am surprised alfalfa is not spewing forth from between your lips.  For all that catches the attention of slow walking people is the day to day activities that possess their time: the fact that their phone is ringing, the fact that they have a text, the fact that their favorite song just came on their ipod.  As soon as this has become realized, the little attention that the surroundings held is wiped away by the cellular device, the ipod, or the tasty alfalfa clenched tightly between their chubby fingers.

For every herd of cows however, there is always that one bull, that one bull that charges forward with speed and focus to its destination.  That one individual being, which sees what it wants and charges forward with zeal and fervor, letting nothing come in its way. 

I would consider myself one of those very sparse bulls.  I know where I am going and I want to get there as fast as possible, no matter what is in my way.  If you are a slow moving cow, make way, for I know where I am going and I want to get out of other peoples’ way.