Everyone cyber stalks, it's okay to admit it. Cyber stalking is just so convenient and easy nowadays, you don't even have to leave your room! Real stalking takes time, effort and talent. And yes you do have to leave your room! So here I will give you 5 reasons on why becoming a cyber stalker is better for you than becoming a real stalker.


Reason #1

A real stalker has to have excellent peripheral vision, they have to be able to stalk their prey from the corner of their eye.

A cyber stalker just has to NOT be blind, to have the ability to stalk their prey.

Reason #2

100% of real stalkers are ugly.

Only 50% of cyber stalkers are ugly.

Reason #3

Real stalkers are always creepy.

Cyber stalkers are only sometimes creepy.

Reason #4

Real stalkers have no friends.

Cyber stalkers have lots of friends.

Reason #5

Real stalkers have a limited number of victims to choose from because of location.

Cyber stalkers have a wide variety of victims from several countries and different ethnic backgrounds.

So there you have it. Remember it is easier to get rid of your cyber stalker rather than your real stalker. With a real stalker you have to file a restraining order and who wants to do than when you could be updating your status. With a cyber stalker all you have to do is tweak your facebook privacy settings and DON'T FORGET TO USE PROTECTION WHILE TWEETING!