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New York Jets Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes was escorted off an airplane in Pittsburgh last night.

Holmes, who was recently traded to the Jets from the Pittsburgh Steelers, has a history of off the field problems.  He had recently stated he was prepared to change and focus on football.  Words that are hard to believe following his latest incident.

As per FAA regulation, all electronic equipment needs to be turned off, including Ipods.  Holmes reportedly kept his on after the warnings.  When a stewardess informed Holmes that the Ipod needed to be turned off, he shouted “LET ME FINISH THE SONG BITCH THIS BEAT IS DOPE!”  Holmes was then escorted off the plane by security where he was further explained to that the Ipod had to be turned off.  After some arguing Holmes conceded, “Yea yea I get it whatever…the next song is wack anyway” and was allowed back on the airplane.