Conversation log from Omegle:

You: hello
You: im 15
You: male
You: haiti
You: you?
Stranger: 13 f pa. were u a victim?!
You: .
You: yea
Stranger: ):
You: my whole family died in a car crash in france while i was in haiti with my aunt 
You: it happened at the same time
You: tottaly unrelated to the quake 
You: but im all good now….u know living in a wheelchair is all good 
You: i was born in france sooooo yea
You: starnger…
You: *stranger*
Stranger: wait.. ur in a wheelchair..? ): awww nooo
You: yea cause the quake made all the streets in an angle, going down…… so know i can roll around port au prince like a cool guy
Stranger: oh.. well im sorry.. 
You: no its all good my hands were burned so i get to spend my free time drawing painting with my mouth
You: im typing with toungue
You: :)
You: i have become very skilled fom the 2 month period 
Stranger: oh….. ): well hey.. i gave 20 dollars to haiti! 
You: thats sooooo hot u wanna sexxxxxx xo['ij[ikn[]o 
You: sorry about that last part my toungue got caught on one of the keys
Stranger: oh yeah i bet
You: so u wann start it
Stranger: start what ?
You: u know the hot sex that u paid me with your donation of $20
Stranger: uhhmm i didnt pay for thhtt ahaha
You: well u might as well just do it cause my hopes sorta got killed after the accident so reliveing some pressure might help me on these hard times
Stranger: i dont believe this .. ur lying..
You: well ill send u a pic of me in a wheelchair
Stranger: kay how ?
You: //
Stranger: fuck it. bye.
You: im gonna die… :(
You: oyhefbqgrth'rhegklnerikgnpiofvr toungue again…..
Stranger: whaattevverr thts suucchh buullshhiitt
Your conversational partner has disconnected.