(Shawn is working at his desk when Greg approaches him)

Greg: Hey man, you got a minute?

Shawn: Yeah sure, what is it?

Greg: I'm not trying to scare you, but you know how there have been a lot of layoffs lately, right?

Shawn: …Yeah?

Greg: Well, word around the campfire is that you're next on the chopping block.

Shawn: Shit man, are you serious?

Greg: It's just what I've heard. But hey, if O'Leary tries to fire you, don't give the old bastard the pleasure, just quit before he says anything. At least you'll keep your dignity that way.

Shawn: (sighs) Yeah, thats probably a good idea, thanks for letting me know.

Greg: I'm sorry, man. (Exits)

(Shawn's boss Mr. O'Leary enters when Greg leaves)

Mr. O'Leary: Hey, it's Shawn, right?

Shawn: Yeah.

Mr. O'Leary: Right. Do you think we could talk in my office for a minute?

Shawn: … Sure.

(Shawn follows O'Leary to his to his office. Along the way he passes Greg, who raises his fist and nods, as if to say "be strong". When they reach the office, O'Leary sits down at his desk, holding Shawn's file. Shawn then sits down after.)

Mr. O'Leary: Now Shawn, I've reviewed your file countless times, showed it to my peers, and we all think there needs to be a change around here.

Shawn: …Okay. 

Mr. O'Leary: Your work performance has been… interesting to say in the least, and it has caught the attention of some of the guys upstairs. I think it's safe to say that you're waisting your time at your current placement and you can do better somewhere else.

Shawn: Oh, no. I can't, I really can't.

Mr. O'Leary: Don't be modest Shawn, I know that there are bigger opportunities out there, and I have no choice but to-

Shawn: -I Quit.

Mr. O'Leary: Pardon me?

Shawn: I said, I quit. You were right about me waisting my time here. I hate it here. I bust my ass every single day, I stay late, I even organized every single branch picnic.

Mr. O'Leary: I know, thats why I wanted to move you.

Shawn: Oh, I see. I see. You were afraid that I was gunning for your job, so you thought it would be best to just get rid of me. You disgust me, you old piece of shit.

Mr. O'Leary: I can't believe what I'm hearing right now, I thought you were such a nice person! And to think that I was going to promote you.

Shawn: Yeah, but I didn't give you the chance t-… wait, what?

Mr. O'Leary: I can't believe I made all those layoffs in order to pay your salary as well. Oh well, I guess I'll go with my second choice now.

(Greg walks by O'Leary's office)

Mr. O'Leary: Hey, Greg, could you come in here?

(Greg walks into the office)

Greg: What is it Mr. O'Leary.

Mr. O'Leary: Congratulations, Gary, you're the new manager of the Yonkers branch.

Greg: Oh my God! Are you serious? Thank you, sir I won't let you down. (To Shawn) Oh, and I'm so sorry man.

Shawn: You're sorry!? That job was supposed to me mine, but i quit and said some things before I knew.

Greg: Oh, well you shouldn't have taken my word for it man, that was just hearsay.

Shawn: Hearsay, I'm gonna kill you! (Attacks Greg).

Mr. O'Leary: Gentlemen! Please! Now Shawn, if you wouldn't mind going to your desk and packing your things, me and Greg here have some things to discuss. 

Shawn: No, Mr. O'Leary please! I work twice as hard as Greg. He just Goes on YouTube all day. And-and he fucked your daughter, you know that, right?

Mr. O'Leary: Shawn! Profanity!

Greg: (Gasps) Why would you say such an incorrect thing that is completely untrue!?

Mr. O'Leary: Shawn I think you should get out now. 

Shawn: Ugh! Fine! (Exits)

Mr. O'Leary: Hey Greg.

Greg: Yeah?

Mr. O'Leary: I know you fucked my daughter.

Greg: Yeah, I know.