Exercise Log:

Day 1- I’ve made a commitment to myself to exercise and eat right for swimsuit season.  I dedicate this log to my girlfriend, Rhonda.  I’m going to do about a mile every day, lift weights, and go on a 1300 calorie diet to attain my goal.  I know it won’t be easy, but I know that writing this diary will help.

Day 2- Day 1 was hard.  Today I feel hungry and tired and it pains me to know that I have to exercise.  I’m still fat and I feel kind of hopeless.  However, I plan to stick with it. Swimsuit season is relatively close, and I need to look good so I don’t embarrass Rhonda.

Day 3- Jesus Christ.  I am hungry and tired and I can’t sleep and I’m even too tired to care that I’m writing a major run on sentence and I feel like I’m in a concentration camp.  This sucks hardcore.  I really don’t feel like continuing on today, but I made a commitment.

Day 4- Screw commitment.  I really want to give up.  But I want to go about a week so I’m not embarrassed to tell my friends.  Maybe I can say that I pulled my hamstring, and my gall bladder.  Perfect excuse.  Only 3 more days.

Day 5- Picked up a major crack addiction to supplement my hunger and sleep depravity.  It’s not helping a whole lot, but it eases the pain.  I’m starting to note significant weight loss, no question about it.  I’m doing something right.  But still, it sucks.  2 days.

Day 6- Running out of money, Ronda’s asking questions.  Still losing weight and it’s no longer healthy.  Wow.  I am really wired.  Still hooked on crack.  Still exercising and it still sucks.  I never thought I’d be forced to lift less after working out more.  One day.

Day 7- Took a holiday on my last day of exercising.  Tore my hamstring, out for the season.  Lost 85 percent of my body weight and my addiction (just kidding on the last one).  But seriously… my life is ruined.