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I had been dating a girl for almost three years, and she and I were pretty much the couple people thought would get married. So one day we decided to change our "In a relationship" status's on Facebook to "Single" just to see how many of our friends would flip out and call/text us to see what happened. We did it, and the whole next day I received texts and calls (including from my mom and sister) asking what happened and if I was ok. I explained to everyone that it was a joke and we still together. I called my girlfriend later that night to talk about how funny the day had been and she told me "We need to talk…" She then proceeded to tell me she had been thinking alot about her future lately and said she wanted to break up. After that I decided to not display my relationship status.


So a few months ago this girl and I seemed pretty interested in each other. I was just on the verge of asking her out but as soon as I mentioned I don't like Glee, she didn't seem interested anymore. We barely talk now.

-R.B., University of Calgary

So today I went out to dinner with my family and boyfriend for my birthday. While eating my dessert my grandma asks my boyfriend if I was sharing mine with him, since the waitress gave us 2 spoons. Well not realizing it he said, "No, I just took her cherry."


Me and my now ex were watching "The Rock" and she said the "old guy creeps me out." I told her that it was Sean Connery and that he was one of the best actors ever. She said she had never heard of him. i said "Are you kidding me?" jokingly. She proceeded to cry

-Michael, University of Arizona

My girlfriend and I smoked a huge L and then started getting at it. Halfway through I pull out and start panicking because I think I lost the condom either in her or it fell off in the bed somewhere. Five minutes in we realize we never had one on to start.

There was this guy who was interested in me, but all he ever talked about was sex and his junk (I’m serious—those were the only topics he could converse on), so I wasn’t too interested in him. Still, he kept texting and calling, so I told him I was willing to be friends, but I didn’t want to hook up with/date him. Since he obviously only wanted a booty call, I figured that would get rid of him. He thought I was joking. When I finally convinced him that it wasn’t going to happen, he sounded really upset and asked me if I had found someone else. To avoid hurting his feelings, I said I’d gotten back together with my high school boyfriend. Then, he said it was too bad, because he had such a crush on me. I felt really bad until—ten seconds later—he followed that up with, “Just talking to you on the phone, I get a hard-on. If you could see it, you’d see what a big c*ck I have.” Bullet dodged.

-Julie, San Diego

So me and my ex-girlfriend had been going out for about a year. One night we were getting frisky on the sofa in her room. After going on for some time, we lie naked under a blanket watching TV. All of a sudden her mom comes rushing into the room and sits down next to us. I was petrified and had no clue what i was to do. She started talking about some vacation plans and then how my ex’s room is too messy and that she needs to clean it up. Off course she starts picking up stuff around the couch. My pants end up in her hands… ohh, the silence. The worst part was the day after when she wanted to talk to me about what had happened and about using protection. 


So I used to live and go to college in Vancouver, and one year, on summer break, I came down to Seattle to visit my grandparents for 3 weeks. I had made the trip plenty of times before, as it only takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. While I was down there, I met a girl, we had an instant connection, although I could never shake the feeling that she was for some reason disappointed that I was Canadian. We went out for those 3 weeks, however, eventually I had to go back home for school. A few days before I left, we were talking, and she started crying suddenly, I asked her what was wrong, and she said she was worried we would never see each other again, I was a bit confused and assured her that I could come down to see her on the weekends, she looked at me with an elated smile and said, and this is a quote, "You would really fly over the Atlantic ocean twice a week just for me?"

This week’s “Optimist of the Century” award goes to:

I’m a freshman in college and my girlfriend is a senior in high school. We've always had an adventurous sex life and one day, over the phone, I managed to convince her it was a good idea for us to make a sex tape over the next break. Since I did not have a camera when the time came, I decided to borrow my parents' old one thinking they wouldn't miss it. After the dirty deed was done I cleverly hid it in my guitar case under my bed. Three weeks later, at school, my mother called and in a fit of hysteria, screaming and crying because she found the camera, telling me I was a terrible human being and I defiled her home. To this day my mother can't look her in the eye without getting flustered, and when my girlfriend asked what I did with the video I told her I deleted it because I didn't want to ever risk someone else seeing it and exploiting her. Now my mother doesn't bother me when my girlfriend is around and I get even more awesome sex!