Hot Girls who hate on themselves are the worst. Stop saying how hideous you look today or how overweight you are. We get it, you’re beautiful — please stop trying to get guys to say nice things and making the girls who really are ugly/fat feel worse about themselves. Guys, we should give women compliments sparingly and only when truly deserved. A genuine ugly or fat girl would never call herself out. Hey, hot girl, if you were really fat, you'd be fishing for fish instead of compliments!

Since I was 8 Capri Suns have been supplying an inadequate amount of juice. These tiny pouches are straight up insufficient. Is the puny amount of juice the only issue with Capri Sun? NOPE! Because, they also give you a tiny yellow straw with an even tinier hole to try to jimmy it into. C'mon, people who make Capri Sun — you're better than that!

Taco Bell is delicious, there's no debating that, BUT after consumption, you're ass will be very similar to Charmander's fiery tail. Before eating Taco Bell you should ask yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze because while it tastes yummy going in, it can result in an inferno coming out of your butt.

Scantron Tests that have the same answer 5 times in a row are evil. Even if I KNOW I’m right, marking "C" more than 3 times consecutively makes me paranoid as hell. There should be laws prohibiting this type of thing!

OK, the fact that Alison Brie is ranked #99 on Maxim's Hot 100 list is a PROBLEM. I don't know if this years rankings were done by Stevie Wonder but this is inaccurate. She is hilarious on "Community" and is pretty much the most talented & attractive girl on the list. Maxim now has about as much credibility as A-Rod.

We should try and rid ourselves of the phrase "it is what it is." It's a cop out phrase commonly used by people who've lost an argument or can't come up with one. Let's make it clear, "It" is not what it is. It is a horror film and Stephen King novel.