Following a devastating boat crash, a group of strangers find themselves isolated on a mysterious island. The passengers, who have all sorts of different backgrounds, come together to confront the island's many threats, such as the strange "Folks Who Aren't Us" and a monster composed of some kind of dark, gaseous matter. They also explore the island’s various mysteries: the Enigmatic Science Foundation, an enormous statue of a single toe, and a recurring series of ordinal rankings (4th, 8th, 15th, 16th, 23rd, and, uh, let’s say 41st).


Following a devastating bus crash, a group of strangers find themselves isolated in a mysterious forest. Unable to find the road the bus was driving on, the strangers set up camp and await rescue. No one decides to use their cell phones to call for help because… uh…

Unable to Find One's Way About

Following a devastating caffeine crash, a pair of successful television writers find themselves isolated in a small room with a few pens, a nearly empty pad of paper, and an ever deepening dread that their careers have recently peaked. Tensions flare when one writer suggests calling their friend K. K. Abramson to see if he has any good ideas.

Untitled J. J. Abrams Collaboration

It’s 2019, and the world is an unimaginably better place. War, cruelty, and suffering of all kinds have been eradicated due to the work of one attractive, hotshot screenwriter/director/producer. The series follows his uplifting, sexy escapades in the new utopia, and the misadventures of his clumsy assistants Damien and Carlson. In the pilot, the protagonist attends the opening ceremonies for a new pleasure dome built in his honor while Damien and Carlson attempt to move a piano into a fourth floor walk-up. Later in the series, the assistants decide that the protagonist is probably a jerk and resolve to strike out on their own without any of his "help."

The Wiltshire County Social Club

A close-knit group of affluent housewives meet every week to discuss the trials and tribulations of their apparently charmed lives. Also, there’s a smoke monster.