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I just sent this guy I am seeing a naked picture of myself because we haven’t seen each other in awhile.  He said, 'It's blurry, grainy, under-exposed.”  Yay…


In my high school, I have been absolutely crazy for this girl. I always spend time with her when I can, and it is more than obvious that I like her. One day I walk into my pre-ap biology class and started talking to her, and started a perfectly normal conversation. In the middle this conversation a girl comes up between us and, I guess she was trying to help, says, "Oh my god, just ask her out already!" Imitating me: "Hey do you want to go out" Immitating her: "Oh my god, finally!" Imagine that, but for what felt like 5 more minutes, but Im sure it was less than a minute. Having no idea what to do, I just give the most akward "hey, you wanna go out sometime?" Of course I get a plain no. Over a month later nothing has changed, I still love her, and she wants to stay friends…
-Brandon B.

My girlfriend said her ex-boyfriend had a larger than average penis.  I’m pretty sure she hasn’t seen many, where does this average come from?  Where is the white lie when you need it?


I had been talking to this girl for a couple of days and was hoping for a big night of hooking up at an upcoming party. Party starts, everything is going well, everyone decides to go drunken swimming. After a couple minutes of horseplay she is sitting on my lap as I begin fingering her all while talking and holding a convo with everyone else in the pool. Awesome, right? Well later in the night when we find a spare bedroom to crash in I think I’m golden. We start making out and then she stops my hand as it's almost in her pants and says, "I want to wait to do stuff, let's not rush into things."


My ex loved giving head, and I had no problem receiving it.  One night we were having a movie night thing with her family. Their living room had three couches; her mom and dad were on one couch, her sister was on another, and my girlfriend and I were on the last one.  At some point during the night everyone but us fell asleep.  We got situated, she went under the blanket, and she started going down on me.  Both of us were in high school at the time so I really didn't see any non awesome or non hilarious consequences from this.  After a while of her going down on me I look over at her parents and realize her dad is awake, and is watching the movie.  I don't want to signal for her to stop because A: I'm a guy receiving a blow job and B: I'm afraid if we move to much he will see what is going on.  Then the movie ends.  The dad stands up turns on the lights.  Tells everyone to make their way to bed.  She zips me up, and I pretend to wake her up and tell her it’s time for her to go to bed.  I'm still pretty sure the family has no idea what happened


Last summer, I went on a short camping trip with some buddies. When I got back, my ex-girlfriend asked me how it went. Joking, I told her that we had been driving at night and hit a homeless person, and that we were forced to put him out of his misery. She believed me.
-Anonymous, University of Notre Dame

I was seeing this girl for a few weeks in third year and after a session of me going down on her we had a talk and we ended up breaking up because she thought of me as a brother.

-Mike, Carleton University, Ottawa

One time my girlfriend and I were going at it in the middle of the day in my dorm room.  She didn't want to be inconsiderate to my neighbors so we hastily put I-tunes on random.  After we got back into the swing of things "Circle of Life" from the Lion King started blaring.  Yeah, that kind of ended things.  In my defense I wasn't wearing a condom and didn't want to chance it…