1) Refuse to hang out above 42 St. or below Williamsburg unless, of course, you’re going to the apple store


2) Prefer the British Top Shop to the American one because they sold out when they came to the States


3) Blog about your Self Edge denim while sitting in Spanish Class


4) Refuse to wear socks with your shoes even though it’s giving you a rash


5) By a used Gameboy in a fluorescent color to ironically play Pokémon on


6) Play the Ukulele because the guitar was to mainstream


7) Have a set of clear lens Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses even though you have no vision problems


8) Dislike all rap music except for Donald Glover as Childish Gambino


9) Consider A.P.C’s to be inexpensive jeans


10) Order the Shroom Burger when you’re at Shake Shack because you respect vegetarianism


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O Fuck!