Six years ago, I was a different person.

Over that time, I have traveled, I have worked new jobs, and I have learned about myself. I have fallen in love harder than I thought possible, and I have been heartbroken even harder. I have been given a nephew and a niece. I got a dog. I moved to a new city. I took classes, performed in new venues and met new people. I grew. I changed. But there was at least one thing that did not change. One thing that was my Constant:

This television show called Lost.

I, like you, never gave up on this. We knew there was something great about this from the very beginning. And during the last five minutes of the series finale, your friends finally stopped making jokes about Sawyer’s one liners and Hurley’s nonexistent weight loss, everyone shut up, tears were shed, and a warm glow fell upon our faces. We knew – in that moment – it was all worth it.

I’m not going to recap the episode in great detail. If you didn’t see it, there’s no use in catching up now.

I will, however, open up the discussion for interpretation. But before I do, I want to thank all of you for being loyal readers of this column, and such loyal fans of an amazing television show. I respect you all for your love of smart entertainment. It’s really been a fun ride analyzing this show with strangers and totally dorking out over our mutual enjoyment. So thanks. I’ll miss you guys.

So, here goes…one last time.

Here’s what went down this week, in an empty Oceanic water bottle:

Des pulls the giant tampon out of the light source. Jack can then kill the Man in Black. Afterwards, he puts the tampon back in. Hurley becomes the new Jacob. In Plane Dimension, we see everyone “remember” one by one, in a series of awe-inspiring scenes. Through the beauty, we slowly realize that they are all, in fact, dead. They gather together in a church and then, they move on. To heaven.


Here’s what we learn.

(and please, feel free to add on here, guys)


1. As I said last week, simplicity is key. I felt an amazing sense of relief and calm as we were enlightened to such a simple solution: they have all died.

2. I am quite certain that there will be some haters out there. With something so powerful, there always will be. But personally, I was floored by this episode. Form the music to the acting, it was an A+ for me.

3. One of the big Sci Fi dilemmas we had all been struggling with was the history of the alternate timeline. When did it start? Did it originate when the bomb went off? Or, did the bomb create an alternate present that also has an alternate past? What we learned, instead, is that the alternate reality wasn’t a living reality at all. It was an after life. The writers did a beautiful trick here by first showing us this ”alternate reality” when the bomb exploded, leading us to believe that’s when it began. But it actually began when they all died, which is (for some) long after the bomb exploded.

4. Lapidus! I called that shit guys.

5. Anyone else wishing Aaron had a “remembering” flashback as well?

6. Direct from Damon’s Twitter feed: “Remember. Let go. Move on.“

7. Neck scar? Knife wound. Appendix scar? Stab wound. Amazing fight on the cliffs.

8. So great to see our old friends. Shannon, Boone, Rose, Bernard. It felt like a family. 

9. Who were the Others? How did Allison Janney get on the island? What exactly is the light? What did Widmore want with the island? Who made these silly rules? What we learned is that none of that mattered. This is the story of people who came together, loved, and died together. The rest, my friends, is all gravy.


Thanks to the writers, cast and crew of this phenomenal television show. And thanks to you guys for making it a fun journey.


I’ll see you there.