I worked as a customer finance rep for a cell phone company. One day a woman called screaming at me because she couldn't figure out why her bill was so high, although she realized that she hadn't paid it the month before. After repeatedly explaining to her that the bill was for two months, not just one she called me and idiot and demanded to speak to my supervisor because "maybe he can get his head out of his ass enough to help." When I told her my supervisor was a woman she called me a lying bitch and hung up.
Ashley B

I work in a video game store which sometimes is okay but mostly sucks because of the customers. This weird guy came in today and was acting strange from the moment he walked in. First off, without having spoken to this man at all, he said "I have another question" and then said nothing and walked away to look at games. When he came to the counter to make a purchase I noticed he was wearing a Tapout hat, shirt and belt buckle. He was also carrying a spit bottle to complete the dirty redneck ensemble. He showed me a coupon where you could get a fake pair of UFC fighter's gloves when you bought the new video game the UFC has coming out. He said, " I could actually use these." I responded "Couldn't we all?" Then he looked really offended and said "I'm actually a fighter." Then, he asked me if Rampage Jackson was going to be in the game and if Rampage was his real name. People that buy video games are so freaking delusional.
Brian Johnson

I work at a grocery/ general merchandise superstore. The first week I was there, a man with a heavy accent that I absolutely did not understand asked me where he could find an "iron box". I deciphered that maybe he was looking for a safe, but no luck. I was fortunately able to pass him off to a co-worker who informed me later that the customer was looking for an ironing board cover.
Emmy W

Are you the real Batman?
Joe Kerr

I work at a small home office. The other day, my boss (the owner of the company) asked me to start to format a letter of recommendation for his brother. When he sat down with me to write it, I ended up writing the entire letter. Being just under 18, I wrote a recommendation for a 45-year-old. Oh, and my boss also likes to tear ass whenever he has the chance.
Ethan L

I use to work as a bartender at a chain steak house. After an amazing Saturday night ($300) I come back in to work Sunday night. I arrive at work to find a construction crew and a pile of rubble. At least I was the only person they didn't call to tell not to come in.
James B

I work as a personal trainer, and I am talking to an asian client and her language skills are terrible. I have to get through a questionnaire to make sure she fit enough to proceed with a fitness plan. I ask her "has a doctor ever said you have a heart condition and that you can only do activities recommended by a doctor". Her response "I have a ankle problem, knee problem, back problem." so I ask again, in more plain terms. I get "OOHH! … yes, I have diabetes, arthritis, ankle problem, neck problem …" I ask 1 more time, as though she's a retarded cave man, and her husband interjects with "no". So I move on through questions, all progressively painful. I get to the "Do you find your job stressful?" question, and she answers "yes, very." So I of course ask, "What is it you do?" She replies "We own, and teach at an English school for foreign students."
Justin W.

Okay so I work for TSA, I have to admit I didn't know what TSA was when I applied. So one day an elderly gentlemen set of the metal detector, and he was in the queue, so I went over to pat him down. While I was patting down his leg, I came across something squishy. I knew immediately what it was. I was squeezing his colostomy bag.
Corey ……………

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