Being drunk often results in a mental capacity that fails to notice particular occurrences in one’s environment, and this is particularly dangerous when drunk college students are out wandering the streets at odd hours of weekend nights.

I brought with me to college a small and portable can of pepper spray to ward off rapists and put my family’s minds at ease. Pepper spray can be an amazing protective device, if it’s ever used. I’ve found myself in a couple situations where I could have used pepper spray, and every time I failed to have it with me because I’ve been too drunk to remember to bring it with me.

One weekend night, the drunken munchies kicked in and T-Pow and I decided to wander over to a gas station close to our dorm for some frozen pizza. We were about a block away when we heard from behind us the pattering of feet and rustling of clothes, and after glancing back we noticed a man of questionable character charging towards us. We raced into the gas station screaming drunken diatribes and after catching our breath and realizing the gas station didn’t have any frozen pizza, we headed back to the dorm unscathed but regretting our lack of pepper spray.

Another time occurred when I was at a party, dancing away with my friends in the basement when one of owners of the house came downstairs and told us none of us could leave; cops were patrolling the neighborhood for an alleged murderer who had escaped his mental facility early that day. Nothing worried us though, we were too drunk to care.

Pepper spray was also needed during another weekend rendezvous when a group of friends and I were staggering away from a party and headed in an unknown direction. We navigated our way through the neighborhood and onto a busy street when we realized we were being followed. Apparently, one of my friends had turned around and made eye contact with our alleged follower, and as soon as she did this he began chasing after us. We ran across the busy street, dodging oncoming traffic, and continued walking while the man lingered on the other side of the street and eventually disappeared as we sought refuge at another house party. 

While pepper spray is useful in situations such as the aforementioned, being drunk is also a necessity in order to laugh off potential catastrophes, and my friends and I are all about safety first.