The summer after freshman year of college is an interesting conglomerate of old friends with new experiences who are all too eager to continue college fun into the carefree days of summertime. 

Such was the case when my friend Madison and I decided to road trip to a college town about two hours from our hometown. Our friend Cassie had recently moved into a house there, and we invited ourselves over for the weekend in the spirit of housewarming. 

Friday night consisted of cheap vodka, ice cream, and drinking games. It was a pretty relaxing and low key night as Madison and I got to know Cassie’s roommates, who were all guys and all friends with her boyfriend, Brad. A few games into the night, I was starting to feel the vodka permeate my system, and before we could finish our rousing game of drunken Jenga, I was trashed. My drunken self of course made me look like a complete fool; since I was the only one drunk, I was the only one dancing and saying ridiculous things when the others decided to pop in a movie. After awhile, I decided to call it a night and snuggled deep into my sleeping bag sprawled across Cassie’s bedroom floor. Cassie and Madison came in the room not long after and woke me up by giving me a “heads up, there was a mouse in the room earlier.” Upon hearing this, I screamed and ran into the living room with my sleeping bag, yelling at Cassie who was trying to calm me and get me back into her room. “Do you want me to get hantavirus?!” I screamed and insisted upon sleeping in the living room and “ravaging the snuggie” that was draped across the arm of the couch. After a few more minutes of arguing, I ended up on Cassie’s bedroom floor again and was the only one who woke up the next morning with a hangover.

We went to breakfast and Madison and I occupied ourselves while Cassie was at work by driving around town and doing some sightseeing. The weather was wretched with rain and some snow, and we were not prepared; walking around downtown with flip flops sans jackets was a feat. To add to our disdain, our car battery died in front of Cassie’s house while we were waiting for her to get off work to open her house so we could shower and get ready for the evening. Turns out the house was unlocked the entire time, and we had been car dancing to Glee music and killing the car battery for about a half hour before we realized this. 

The plan for the rest of the night was to get ready and go to a “Come Classy, Leave Trashy” party with Brad and his friend Eddie, but unfortunately our classy selves didn’t quite make it to the party. We stayed in and played some more drunk Jenga, Thumper, Hockey, and a Chatroulette drinking game, which occupied us for hours. The group soon grew tired of seeing middle-aged men and Justin Beiber-aged boys masturbating to the webcam and requesting the ladies of the room to take off their shirts while complimenting Brad on his “hot stripper” attire. The party was moved to the living room where Brad and Cassie cuddled up to each other and I did the same to Eddie. The night continued to grow hazy (as did my judgement) when people retired for the evening and I moved my sleeping bag and pillow to the couch where Eddie was still sitting. Eddie and I began making out on the couch opposite of sleeping Brad, whose presence was unbeknown to myself. We continued hooking up until we both fell asleep, but the couch was extremely uncomfortable and the room was hot so I moved upstairs and occupied the bed of Cassie’s roommate who had left town earlier that day. Madison woke me up a few hours later at 8:30am to get ready to head back home and was perplexed to see me in merely my bra and underwear. I was forced to explain the situation when Madison came back upstairs with my clothes.

I went back downstairs to pack up my belongings and noticed Brad on the other couch; it then registered with me that he had been sleeping there the entire time Eddie and I were hooking up. After all of my clothes were packed up, I realized that Eddie was still asleep on the couch and was using my sleeping bag and pillow. In a frenzy to leave, I grabbed a blanket from Cassie’s room and tried to discreetly switch it with the sleeping bag, but I ended up waking up Eddie and making awkward conversation. When I finished packing, Madison and I said our goodbyes, thanked our good host Cassie, and hit the road severely hungover and looking as unbecoming as ever in last night’s make-up