(Harding watches a triceratops as it spins around and around on a enormous Tilt-A-Whirl. As the ride grinds to a halt, Grant, Sattler, and the kids approach. Everyone looks on as the obviously nauseous triceratops sits uncomfortably in its seat, gasping for air.)

GRANT: Beautiful. Is it okay? Can I touch it?


(Grant walks next to the animal and strokes its head. It looks like it wants to die.)

SATTLER: (to Harding) Do you have any idea what’s making this animal sick?

HARDING: (shaking his head) It’s terribly puzzling. We really have no idea.

(Harding absently leans against a large lever, turning the Tilt-A-Whirl back on.)


(The kids and Gennaro are riding on a merry-go-round, when a tyrannosaur approaches the perimeter of the ride. Usually you can only get in if you have three tickets or five dollars, but the guy who’s supposed to take tickets is distracted by a slutty girl to his left who’s kind of hot, but who’s also coughing a lot for some reason. The tyrannosaur gets in without any trouble.)


(Arnold is busy at work at a midway game, trying to throw a ball into a large bucket. Behind him, Hammond paces anxiously.)

HAMMOND: For God’s sake, Arnold! My grandkids are out there! Why can’t you get this thing to work?

(Arnold throws a ball. It bounces out of the bucket.)

ARNOLD: I’m trying, okay? Nedry’s done something to the system.

(Arnold throws another ball. It bounces out of the bucket.)

ARNOLD: (furious) Please, God damn it! I hate this hacker crap!

HAMMOND: (screaming) Just fix it! (takes a giant bite of cotton candy)


(Dennis Nedry, blinded by the dilophasaurus’ spit, struggles to get back into the jeep, slamming the door once he’s in. He realizes the dinosaur is in the jeep right beside him, and he screams as he’s attacked. In the background, some girl is buying a candy apple.)


(Muldoon sits in a bumper car. He sees a velociraptor a few meters away, idly sitting in a bumper car. Eyes fixed on the raptor, he carefully places his left foot on the pedal, preparing to accelerate. Suddenly, he notices another raptor in a bumper car to his left.)

MULDOON: Clever girl…