Not possible! I'm sick and tired of these Kids these Days; These games they plays; These smokin ways down by the bay-they eat some hay like a fuckin buffet. Too much hair spray and triple knuckles to the Lord's day. By my side-you better stay, if you REALLY want shit to weigh. So to the audience of CollegeHumor-I have One thing to say:
Why are you getting so high these days? I'll be the first to support the 'Not Give a Fuck' way, but some kids are taking it too far-into the gray. It's a bland lifestyle if not giving a fuck keeps you tucked away. So, here's a little known fact: Not Giving A Fuck should help you find The Way; Motivate you to do the most you've done today!

You should Not give a Fuck about what people think
You should Not give a Fuck about things that stink
You should Not give a Fuck about how much you drink
You should Not give a Fuck what I'm saying! Or did you miss the link?

If Not, then you're a PotHead!
Let me digress and stop pointing my finger, though.
I'm not necessarily talking to YOU; YOU should not conform to the crew! So I'll take a cue from pretty cool Du'e.

One PotHead sits on a couch
Two PotHeads walk with a slouch
Three PotHeads, first, use their mouth
Four PotHeads find there's no clout.
PotHeads don't move
PotHeads can't groove
PotHeads have no mood
and PotHeads don't get to screw
Smoke standing up
Don't get buried by a cup
nor Be a lazy pup.
You have to live life to the fullest. and That's What's Up!
These ideologies may seem, somewhat, blended.
But, use Earth's resources as God intended.
Expand your MINEds, brothers!
do Not abuse this gift-share it with others.
-B. B. Antunes – Phi Psi School of Thought – Founder