Has anyone thought about how ridiculous the "Like" feature on Facebook is? I mean, if someone puts up a status so saddening that you felt like you died a bit inside, why would you "like" a status? It seems like saying "Yeah, I'm glad this happened!". Also, you don't join groups on Facebook now, you "Like" them as well. So it might say on your page "(Your name here) likes STD awareness". You don't like STD awareness, but it may be important to you and it just becomes a very awkward topic at parties.

I also don't get what the people who watch over exams (invigilators, to you smart people) manage to cope with their jobs. I am currently doing my GCSEs and a whole lot of exam watchers just wander around the gym hall for upwards of an hour and a half, and occasionaly shout out "Ten minutes left!" (But not all of the time though, that wouldn't make sense). I could not think of a more boring job! They probably think that I am cheating as well because the only clock is in the most awkward place and I have to look diagonally across the hall to see the time, and it most likely looks like I am seeing everyone else's paper. But I am not. Trust me.

As I am a Virgo, my perfectionism is often ignored and mistreated. When I moved house, I organised all of the movies and video games into alphabetical order, and piled my books and magazines up systematically. Later the same day, the entire order was ruined. From then on, I have allowed much more leeway as my art is just unnappreciated in today's busy world, when, in fact, it is the only art that I have any talent in. I never got how you could be given a grade for an art project. Isn't what makes art "good" for everyone always different and unique? I could just draw one tiny dot on a piece of paper, give it in, and walk out with an A and a piece of paper saying "Andrew is a wonderful artist", even though I am not. But they don't need to know that, do they? All you need is hope, love and a whole load of luck.