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My (ex) girlfriend of three years didn't want me to come to her 21st birthday party because there would be too many guys there that she had slept with, and it would be "awkward."

-Adam, NIU

After weeks of harassment following our breakup, I was successfully coerced by my ex to return some underwear he'd bought for me while we were together.  This, he reiterated, was to put his mind to rest that I wasn't screwing other people while wearing it, so he could move on.  I came home from work a few days later to find little cut-up pieces of the bras and underwear hanging on my front and back door handles.  Way to move on.

I was a pretty shy kid, had a hard time with the girls, and I carried a crush for this girl, literally, from kindergarten through high school graduation, even though she was painfully uninterested.  One Valentine's Day, 7th or 8th grade, the school was selling carnations.  I bought her one, and had my Dad drive me over to her house to give it to her.  She gave me a look of death as she wordlessly snatched the carnation from me, snapping the stem in half, and stormed off.  But the worst part? I then had to sit in the car, humiliated, while my dad had a conversation with her dad…for over an hour.

-Bivrip Bonez, Texas

Me and my girlfriend were lying in my bed watching a movie. I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I stood up on my bed to get off but the bottom of my bed just collapased. My dad was fixing it while we had to listen to him talk about how I shouldn't be so rough with her. I got caught having sex when we didn't even had sex.


Going down the highway at 70 mph I can see a girl in the back of the car in front of me getting beaten up by a guy while another is driving.  She actually tries to open the door and jump out of the car before he pulls her back in.  I call the police and start following them down the highway.  I follow them for about 9-10 miles and finally the cop comes and pulls them over and I feel good for maybe saving the girl.  I tell me girlfriend about the whole thing and now she's pissed at me for saving "some girl I don't even know."  
-Mike, TU

My girlfriend and I go to schools that are quite a distance apart.  I just drove to see her and consumed a lot of coffee during the drive.  After really, really hot "nice to see you" sex, she was exhausted and rolled over.  I was still jacked up from the coffee.  So I stayed awake and ended up browsing collegehumor.  Well the coffee makes me need to shit, so to keep me occupied on the shitter, I bring the laptop.  She thought I was going to watch porn and beat off and was a little upset that the sex wasn’t enough.  So she blasted open the door to find me hot-boxing the bathroom in my own stench.  She’s not mad for watching porn, so I dodged that bullet, but now she’s grumpy from the smell of my coffee-induced upset stomach.  I'm afraid to go back to bed…

-TJ, The Bathroom

After my current girlfriend and I had sex for the first time, the used condoms were on my floor.  I jokingly said to her wouldn't it be funny if I left them out for my mom to find.  Two days later I got a text from my mom that said "Is this your used condom in the wash?"  Apparently I scooped them up with my dirty clothes on the floor and threw them with everyone else's clothes in the laundry room.  Oops.

The closest thing I’ve ever had to a relationship was playing "boyfriend and girlfriend" with the neighbor girl in 2nd grade.  It ended when i gave her a hickie and she got mad and told her mom, who told my mom, leading to me getting grounded.