Date: 10/24/1998

DarkWingDuck69: hey becky

Becky13: who is this?

DarkWingDuck69: this is Eric. sup?

Becky13: how did you get my screen name?

DarkWingDuck69: i heard you mention it on the bus yesterday.

Becky13: you are on my bus?

DarkWingDuck69: yeah…i was sitting behind u

DarkWingDuck69: im always sitting behind u

Becky13: ok…

DarkWingDuck69: u didn’t answer my question!

Becky13: what question?

DarkWingDuck69: sup

Becky: oh. umm not much. you?

DarkWingDuck69: just boogey boarding the Net

Becky13: what?

DarkWingDuck69: i don’t know how to surf yet lol

Becky13: im confused

DarkWingDuck69: it was a joke

DarkWingDuck69: LOLLTHITLK

Becky13: ?

DarkWingDuck69: LOLLTHITLK stands for “laughing out loud like the hyenas in the lion king”

DarkWingDuck69: it’s the newest craze on AOL

Becky13: never heard of it

DarkWingDuck69: well thats probably because i just made it up like 6 days ago.

DarkWingDuck69: but watch its going to be HUGE

Becky13: right

DarkWingDuck69: i like your screen name. howd you think of it?

Becky13: its my name. then my age.

DarkWingDuck69: nice! i really like it.  i wanted to do that format too

DarkWingDuck69: but BadAss13 was already taken lol

DarkWingDuck69: hello?

DarkWingDuck69: you still there?

Becky13: ya

DarkWingDuck69: i like my screen name though

DarkWingDuck69: Dark Wing Duck is such a sweet show

DarkWingDuck69: *was

DarkWingDuck69: i used to watch it when i was a kid

DarkWingDuck69: i mean, i still watch it, but only ironically

Becky13: oh

DarkWingDuck69: yeah so DarkWingDuck seemed like a good choice for a screen nizzle

DarkWingDuck69: and the 69, well i don’t think I need to explain THAT

DarkWingDuck69: ;)

Becky13: I feel uncomfortable

DarkWingDuck69: ya me 2. this desk chair is killing my back!

DarkWingDuck69: LOLLTHITLK

DarkWingDuck69: hello?

DarkWingDuck69: you there?

Becky13: yes

DarkWingDuck69: wanna see my one-eyed monster

Becky13: not at all

DarkWingDuck69: *)

DarkWingDuck69: it's a new emoticon i just invented like 2 secs ago

DarkWingDuck69: neways i cant wait for the dance on friday. r u goin???

Becky13: I was planning on it

Becky13: but now im not so sure

DarkWingDuck69: how come?

Becky13 has signed off