Name: Kelly Nicole

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

School: UW-Milwaukee

Hometown: West Allis

Major: Marketing

Favorite Drink: Anything with Grey Goose, but I’m from Wisconsin so of course I like Miller Lite.

If I’m trying to have sex with you, how should I act?
You need to treat me like a princess, make me laugh and be a gentleman.

What should I avoid doing? Being way too forward, and don’t be a cocky asshole. If I want you to come talk to me you’ll know.  

What’s your second favorite type of berry? (Raspberry, Strawberry etc…)
What the hell kind of question is that? Second favorite doesn’t matter… My favorite is definitely strawberry.

What’s one thing every guy does that girls hate? I just have to pick one? Farting, burping, itching themselves in public…. 

What’s your most embarrassing college moment?  I had a rough night and ended up passing out. I had class the next day at nine and I woke up late so I throw on some shoes and just headed out the door in my pjs. I walked into class late and everyone looked at me. I figured they were just looking because I was late so I just sat down and thought nothing of it. Everyone kept glancing at me, and finally a girl next to me told me I better go to the bathroom and wash my face. I looked in the mirror and had a purple uni brow and a red mustaches. I didn’t go to that class that often after that.

Do you want to go to Chili’s with me? Depends how good your pick up line is.

Oh. That was it…

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