Damn, why couldn’t ESPig die, I am PO’d I thought for sure he was going to bite it in this episode…but  no, coincidences got the best of us again on Heroes.  The guy who he guards just happens to work for Linderman and happens to be on the hit list, so that mirror-bitch can run into 5.0verweight.  If the cop needs money so bad that he would take a rent-a-gig, why doesn’t he just go play cards and read the other player’s minds…Just head right over to Vegas, oh no that’s where Ando and Hiro are, more connections!!!  The cameo list on this show is sky rocketing, first Sulu-dad and now Dawber the bounty hunter, who is going to be next Cody from Step by Step playing Linderman?  I hope so.

What about Claire’s reaction to seeing her dad drive away? This is a girl who is indestructible but still gets grounded and throws a rock at her real dad…LIKE A GIRL!  Booyah take that invinciteen!  I didn’t get to see next week’s preview’s as I had to buy it on iTunes and I realize that not having teases puts a damper on my experience.  I enjoy my little flashes of the future.  Or wait maybe I saw the preview but somehow I forgot,..Hey get that little dog outta here, I don’t have a dog…Who are you sir, why is a creole guy standing in my living room?  Oh Haitian, I’m sorry how was I supposed to know…What is Microsoft word?