Evil Witch: Well, I turned the prince into a beast. He won't go back to normal until he gets someone to love him.

Minion: Witch, that's what you turned him into? That's, like, the most dreamy beast ever.

Evil Witch: What? No way, you're crazy. Look how beastly he is.

Minion: He looks like a majestic lion. Look at his fur. It's beautiful.

Evil Witch: No…he has a tail. That's pretty beastly, right?

Minion: I saw you gave him a magnificent singing voice as well. WHY?

Evil Witch: I dunno. Figured it would help if everyone broke out into song.

Minion: I think you're making it super-easy on this guy. You let him keep his fantastic castle too?

Evil Witch:
Hey, property rights aren't my territory. That's for the feudal lords to decide.

Minion: Plus you turned his entire staff into random objects? What'd they do?

Evil Witch: They worked for a really selfish prince.

You turned an old lady's kid into a cracked tea cup? That's so much worse than an awesome beast-man.

Evil Witch:
Well if I left them all normal they'd leave the castle and not help him find true love!

Minion: Are you listening to yourself? These are people who are virtually slaves, working for this guy to keep their families from starving.

Evil Witch: Trust me, this all made sense about 20 minutes ago.

Minion: I mean, honestly, I think this guy looks even better to women now. He's got an awesome castle, a sweet singing voice, a magical army of appliances and objects that will sing and dance and cook dinner, and the "beast" looks like a super-hairy Fabio. People already love Fabio's long hair, having even more seems like a huge boost.

Evil Witch:
Well what should I have done?

Minion: Christ! Turn him into a frog-monster with nine eyes and a gross singing voice or something and leave his staff and their children alone. He looks super majestic now but the dog is an ottoman? And they might be stuck like that forever because of an arbitrary time limit?! How is any of that fair?

Evil Witch: Well…let's just wait and see what happens.

(several years later)

Minion: WHAT? What the hell was that?

Evil Witch: He found true love! My plan worked!

Minion: No. Just…no. He kidnapped her, first of all, so this is probably at least a little bit Stockholm's Syndrome.

Evil Witch:
Well…you can't prove that.

Minion: Secondly, she doesn't even know his name! She literally just called him "Beast" on the balcony there.

Evil Witch: Let's just go back to poisoning girls who live with midgets. That's hard to screw up.