(Almost a year after James Cameron's successful blockbuster, Avatar, was released, Avatar Jakesully throws a crazy party.  And in walks Avatar Aang, from Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar Aang:  Oh, Hey Jake.

Avatar Jakesully: Its Jakesully, but whats up little man?!  Its great to see you!  Grab a beer!

AA: No, thanks.

AJ: Why not?  You a wine cooler kinda guy?  Haha, queer. 

AA: Umm, I’m 12?

AJ: Oh.  I thought you had some sort of hormonal thing.  My bad.  We’ve got some Capri Sun’s in the back.  Have at it. 

(Enter N’Tiri)

AJ:  Babe!  Whats going on! 

N’tiri:  Hey y’all!  I see you motha fuckas!

AJ: That’s my blue babe!  She’s great.

AA: Yeah.  Awesome.  I didn’t really plan on staying long.  My ride is a flying bison, and he needs to get his rest. 

AJ: Flying bison, eh?  Where I’m from we have dragons fly us around.  But whatever.  No big deal.

AA:  Yeah.  We had dragons.  But someone killed them all. 

AJ: Killed them…all? 

AA: Yeah.  The bad guys where I’m from harness the power of the sun and obliterate anything in their path with giant fireballs.  They killed the dragons. 

AJ: Oh.  Well, our bad guys on Pandora were an evil quadrillion dollar interplanetary corperation who hired mercenaries…

AA: That’s nice man.  Look, I really wanted to just stop by and and say no hard feelings…

AJ: No hard feelings?  About what? 

AA: You know, your director taking the name of our wildly successful children’s show and throwing it on a Fern Gully Reboot and overcharging for 3-D tickets to make the movie look more successful than it actually was…

AJ: Hey man, Jim Cameron got nominated for several academy…

AA: Right but he lost best picture to his ex wife for Hurt Locker. 

(N’tiri is in the background making out with Sergeant First Class William James, from Hurt Locker)  

AA: But like I said, no hard feelings.  I think our movie is going to do well.  Good luck with any sequels.  I already have 2 in preproduction that I need to start working on.  And our director, M. Night Shyamalan, is a tad anal when it comes to punctuality. 

AJ: Sequels?  Two??

AA: I gotta fly.  I’ll see ya. 

AJ:  Ahhh!  I see you too buddy!

AA: Okay, not what I meant. But whatever.

(In a blur, Aang flies out of the party with his glider.  Jakesully rushes to the window and looks out to see Aang secure himself into the flying bison’s harness.)

AJ: I’m looking forward to your movies irrelevant twist!  Ha.  Fag. 

AA:  Appa, tail! Yip Yip!

(The bison lifts his tail to reveal a 24 pack of Smirnoff Ice, and then swoops away through the night sky)

AA:  (Shouting to Jakesully) There’s your irrelevant twist!  Suck it, Avatard!

N'Tiri: Owned! (Goes back to making out with SFC James)