Summer is a great time to sit back, let your ass grow and see what the great wide internet has to offer.  But next time you're surfing with your parents nearby, please try to take into account that they don't neccesarily see things the way you do.


Reality: Fantastic way to keep in touch with friends, share photos and meet new people

Parents view: Place to share extremely private moments with all your friends, such as reminding you to take you erectile dysfunction medication daily.


Reality:Quick easy way to view thousands of videos on an infinite number of subjects.

Parents view: Place to find millions of cute kitten and puppy videos to send to you 4 times a day.


Reality: Godsend to all those too lazy to do proper research on a subject.

Parents view: Site that won't return the exact information required, even though they misspelled the request and always give up after just clicking the first result 20 times.


Reality: Not quite as good as google, but not bad

Parents view: Google 

MSN Live

Reality: Still not quite as good as google

Parents view: Google


Reality: Site used to buy and sell items over the internet

Parents view: Wretched hive of illegal activity where poor innocent parents have their money swindled away by immigrants because that 60 minutes show said that's what would happen.


Reality: Male oriented site that covers a variety of subjects such as humour, gaming, movies and girls.

Parents view: Porn


Reality:Place to get your fix of humorous pictures, videos and articles.

Parents view: Porn

Online Banking

Reality: Quick and easy access to all the money you've mooched from your parents

Parents view: Porn